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Urgent Emirates ID, Passport, Visa Photos & Headshots

You need to look your best when it comes to Emirates ID, Passport photo, Visa photos, and Corporate Headshots.
Our Photo Studio at Business Bay, Dubai can help you with that.
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Photo Studio for Emirates ID near me

Explore the convenience of Mirrorless photography studios that specialize in ID photos, including those specifically designed for Emirates ID requirements. These studios, often equipped with the latest technology and experienced photographers, ensure that your photo meets the necessary specifications for a seamless ID application process.

Corporate Headshots - Business Portraits

Corporate Headshots - Portraits

Corporate headshots and portraits are more than just professional photographs; they are visual representations of an individual's or a team's identity within the business world. Capturing the essence of professionalism and competence, corporate headshots serve as powerful tools for personal branding and company image. These portraits go beyond mere visuals, conveying the confidence, approachability, and expertise of individuals in the corporate sphere. Whether it's a CEO projecting leadership, a team showcasing unity, or employees embodying dedication, corporate headshots and portraits create a visual narrative that resonates with clients, partners, and stakeholders. With careful attention to lighting, composition, and expression, these images encapsulate the spirit of the corporate world, leaving a lasting impression and enhancing the overall visual identity of the individuals and the organization they represent.

Emirates ID, Passport & Visa Photos - Corporate Headshots Photography services 

We all want to look our best in our ID, Visa, and passport photos, but a lot of us are not photographers and can't afford professional photos from a photo studio.


You need your passport or visa photo for an upcoming trip abroad. You're looking for a new ID photo for your home country. Regardless of the reason, our Photo Studio is here to help. We offer high-quality photos that you can use as often as you need to. You don't have to worry about fixing your hair or worry about creating the perfect lighting conditions.


Why not let the experts worry about it all? We understand that, when it comes to your ID photo – from getting new passports or visas to having regular photos for your company ID, driver's license, or card. Make sure that you look your best and we specialize in that.



Get the best photos

We're not just a photo studio, we're your team of photographers in Dubai. We understand that our customers come to us with different needs and we are always adapting to these needs. We provide all countries with Passport size photo shoots and printing services. This includes passports, various country visa applications, and school, college, and professional ID cards, among other documents. 


  • Photo for UAE ID card

  • Photo for UAE passport

  • Photo for UAE visa

  • Photo for US visa

  • Photo for Canadian visa

  • Photo for Saudi Arabia Evisa

  • Photo for UK visa

  • Photo for UK passport

  • Photo for Malaysian eVisa

  • Photo for Georgian eVisa

  • Photo for Indian visa

  • Photo for Nigerian visa

  • Photo for Pakistan ID card

  • Photo for US citizenship

  • Photo for US passport

  • Photo for an Australian visa

  • Schengen Visa


Best passport photo studio

The best passport photo studio is located in Business Bay Dubai. Our studio takes all the guesswork out of passport and visa photography. You'll never be left out of a flight or denied entry to a country again because our passport photos are the best you can get!

Exclusive and in-demand photo services

You deserve the best. We have the best passport photo, visa photo, and I.D photo studio in Business Bay Dubai. No need for a phone booth or a box when you have your passport photos taken at our studio. We also offer personalized products that you can customize with your name and favorite quote.

Your passport photo should look natural

Shouldn't you look your best in your passport photo? We have the best photo studio to get your passport photos taken. Our studio is the perfect space for taking your passport and visa photos. Don't wait any longer, come to our photo studio for a natural look today!

The passport studio

Stop in at our photo studio to get your passport photo done! We have the best passport photo prices in Dubai and are open Monday to Saturday. Our staff is friendly and our studio is easy to find.

You need to look your best when it comes to passport or visa photos. The passport photo studio in Business Bay Dubai can help you with that. We make sure you get the best quality photos and experience, so you can feel confident about your next trip abroad.

We'll Take Your Photos

Whether you need your passport photo taken, or you want to commemorate a special event, we'll take the best photos for you. Our photo studio is conveniently located in Business Bay Dubai and offers a range of services for all your photographic needs.

We make you look perfect.

Have a passport photo, visa photo, or I.D photos taken by the best studio in town! With our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced staff, we can help make you look absolutely perfect.

Make your face a masterpiece

When you need your passport photo taken, or you're looking for the best photo studio in Business Bay Dubai, head to Photo Studio. We offer passport photos, visa photos, and I.D photos as well as corporate headshots.


Photo studio for all your passport photo needs

Do you need a passport photo? Is your company looking for corporate headshots? No worries, our quick, quality work can help you. Our staff is ready to assist with passport photos and more. Stop by today!

FAQ: About Emirates ID Photos
1. What kind of photo is required for the Emirates ID Photos?

  • Size: The photo size is typically passport-sized, which is 45mm x 35mm.

  • Background: The background should be plain white without any patterns or shadows.

  • Pose: The person being photographed should face the camera directly with a neutral facial expression. The face should be visible, and both eyes should be open.

  • Head Position: The head should be centered within the frame, and the full face, including the forehead, should be visible.

  • Clothing: It's advisable to wear clothing that contrasts with the background, and religious headgear is allowed if it doesn't obscure the face.

  • No Accessories: Avoid wearing accessories that may obscure facial features, such as large hats or sunglasses.

  • Expression: A neutral expression is preferred, and the mouth should be closed.

  • Glasses: If you wear glasses, make sure there is no glare, and your eyes are clearly visible. However, it's recommended to remove glasses if possible.

  • Hair: Hair should not cover the face, especially the eyes.

  • No Smile: In most cases, a neutral expression is preferred, and a smile may not be allowed.

2. How much does a passport photo cost in Dubai?

  • A set of 4 passport photos costs AED 60 at Mirrorless Photo Studio

3. Where to get a pic clicked for Emirates ID?
To get a photo taken for your Emirates ID in the United Arab Emirates, you can visit various photography studios, especially those specializing in passport and ID photos. Here are some common places where you can get a photo clicked for your Emirates ID:
Photography Studios
You can search Photo Studio near me, and find Mirrorless Photo Studio offers services for ID photos, including those specifically designed to meet Emirates ID requirements. These studios are usually well-versed in the specifications and can provide the necessary guidance.

Shopping Malls
Some shopping malls in the UAE have dedicated photo studios or kiosks that offer quick and convenient ID photo services. These are often located in or near passport-related service centers.

Government Service Centers
In some cases, government service centers or typing centers that process ID applications may also have photo services available on-site or nearby.
Some online platforms and mobile applications offer services to take passport-sized photos from the comfort of your home. These services often provide guidelines to ensure that your photo meets the required specifications.
Before heading to a specific location, it's advisable to check the current requirements for Emirates ID photos, as specifications may change. Ensure that the photo studio you choose is aware of the latest guidelines and can provide you with photos that comply with the official standards. Additionally, government service centers or typing centers involved in ID application processes may also offer photo services or recommend nearby studios that meet the required standards.

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